The Cooking Cardiologist makes a Salmon Mousse

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Salmon Mousse

Richard Collins, MD

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November 30th is National Mousse Day. Mousse is a French word for froth or foam. It traditionally is made from a base, a binder and an aerator such as whipped egg whites. A savory mousse can be made from fish (salmon mousse) such as this recipe, meat, or any sweet base, fruit in particular, but more commonly chocolate.


A mousse is both rich and light due to the whipped fluffy egg whites, but this mousse is totally egg free. In place of the egg whites, aquafaba is used. This ingredient is not commonly known in most household kitchens. It comes from the residual juice of soaked garbanzo beans. Instead of draining the garbanzo beans from a can, use the juice. It can be whipped, similar to egg whites, producing a fluffy meringue. The cream of tartar helps to hold the fluffiness.


Serve this salmon mousse on cucumber slices in place of crackers, garnishing with fresh chopped dill or optional capers with a touch of a finely chopped red onion. Also, the mousse can be served as a dip for veggies and crackers.



8 ounces smoked salmon, Denver’s Honey Smoked Salmon is the best

8 ounces cream cheese/yogurt blend such as Lucerne Greek cream cheese and Greek styled yogurt blend

1/2 t smoked paprika

Salt and pepper to taste

¼ cup aquafaba (juice from a can of organic garbanzo beans)

½ t cream of tartar

1 bunch fresh dill, finely chopped

1 seedless cucumber, sliced

Optional garnishes include capers (rinsed) and garnishes of a finely chopped red onion


In a food processor, add the salmon, cream cheese blend, paprika and seasonings. Blend until smooth. Place ingredients in a medium sized bowl. In a separate bowl, add the aquafaba. Whip with a hand held beater on high, adding the cream of tartar. Continue whipping approximately 4-6 minutes until soft peaks form.


Fold into the salmon mixture. Do not over blend, but fold the aquafaba into the salmon mixture until smooth and light. Place into a pastry piping bag. Chill to firm. Pipe the mousse onto the cucumber slices. If using capers, place on the bottom layer and garnish with the fresh chopped dill and chopped onion.


Makes 24 cucumber appetizers.