Thieves swipe decorations from Arvada yards

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Thieves swiped Christmas decorations up and down a street in Arvada, police said.

At least two homeowners in the 6400 block of Winona Court have had decorations stolen in the past couple days.

Lindsey Abbott said thieves took more than $200 worth of Christmas goods from her lawn, including a beloved, inflatable snow globe her parents gave her as a gift.

"It's kind of a shame on them. It's Christmas," she said.

It happened on a day that was supposed to be one of the happiest in Abbott's life. The decorations were stolen the day she and her husband officially adopted their 7-month-old daughter, Kynlee.

"It's her first Christmas and we wanted to make it special for her and now somebody stole it," Abbott said. "She was just totally thrilled with the lights and she liked the snow globe and that it moved. It was great."

The thieves also struck another house just down the street. Janell Anderson's 9-year-old grandson was heartbroken when thieves stole laser lights and an inflatable reindeer from the family's front yard.

"He helped decorate. He climbed a ladder and helped put on the lights this year," Anderson said.

She said she took down the rest of their decorations, worried the thieves would return to steal the rest.

"They had also unstaked half of Santa Claus. It bothered me (that) people would be so cruel. Christmas is supposed to be where you can decorate and have fun and stuff like that and for somebody to just come and do that, it was heartbreaking," she said.

Both families have filed police reports, but so far the suspects remain on the loose.