Aurora hate crimes on rise since election

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AURORA, Colo. -- Police are investigating a rash of hate crimes in Aurora since the presidential election.

Recent crimes have been committed against people of color. The city's mayor and police chief said Wednesday they will not rest until suspects are arrested.

Aurora police officers call the recent acts bias-related crimes. Since last year, Aurora has seen an average of one or two hate crimes a month.

Since the presidential election, Aurora police detectives have investigated six of these crimes, much higher than average. Police believe there are even more bias-related crimes that have never been reported.

Last week, an Aurora family found "KKK" and "the N word" spray-painted on their door in southeast Aurora. On Tuesday night, the same family was targeted again.

The victims said they're afraid after receiving threatening messages.

"They taped the note to the door that also said watch your back, KKK," one victim said.

On Wednesday, Aurora's mayor and police chief held a news conference saying the hate in the city and across the country has to stop. Aurora leaders have heard similar concerns across the Denver metro area.

"Hateful graffiti and other crimes have no place in our city," Mayor Steve Hogan said. "Absolutely no place in our city. They do not represent Aurora."

Police chief Nick Metz said he has no knowledge of any arrests related to the 25 hate crimes reported in Aurora over the past year.

Police need the public's help to stop the hate. Anyone with information should call 303-627-3100.