Woman who lost job leaves Thanksgiving celebration to find car totaled by vandal

LOS ANGELES -- Already reeling from the loss of a job, a California woman left the home where she celebrated Thanksgiving to find her car mangled and defaced.

Surveillance video later revealed the cause -- a passerby had spent hours scratching, puncturing and dismantling Stacy Omelianoff's vehicle.

Omelianoff parked her car in front of a friend's house in Los Angeles' Koreatown on Thanksgiving night to celebrate the holiday with loved ones.

The next morning, she was informed police were called with reports of a woman jumping on her vehicle and carving into the car all night with a pipe, windshield wiper and a piece of wood.

The woman can be seen in surveillance video attacking the car beginning around 3 a.m., continuing until well into the morning.

"It's totaled," Omelianoff told KTLA.

The woman also flattened the car's tires and pulled the grill out of the vehicle, Omelianoff said.

"I paid $511 to fix my engine on the 15th and I was able to get around to come celebrate Thanksgiving ... and this is what I get. Thank God for everything I had and this is what I got the next day. This is what I get for thanking God for everything I had," Omelianoff said before breaking down in tears.

Omelianoff said she lost her job Nov. 5 and does not have insurance to cover the damage to the vehicle, nor can she afford to have it towed away.

A relative set up a GoFundMe page to help her. As of Wednesday morning, people had donated more than $10,000.

The attacker was placed on a psychiatric hold but had not been arrested, police said.