‘The One Moment:’ OK Go’s new video is a slo-mo masterpiece

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The group known for its elaborate choreography on treadmills and use of Rube-Goldberg devices is back with a new video that’s so complex you can only appreciate it in slow motion.

The video for “The One Moment” was shot in a matter of seconds, and then slowed down to cover the four-minute song.

“The first part of the video, in which exploding paint buckets create a rainbow and water balloons function as rain clouds, takes place in just 4.2 seconds,” Mashable explains.

“[Frontman Damian Kulash] sings for seven seconds in real time, and then it’s back to slow motion for the grand finale, which actually happened in three seconds.”

In those few seconds, there are hundreds of vibrant explosions.

Kulash, who directed the video,¬†told Mashable it took “some very intense planning.”

“There were times that my brain just cracked,” Mashable quoted Kulash as saying.

The official video has been viewed more than 3.8 million times in the four days since it was released.

“The One Moment” is from the album Hungry Ghosts.