Minnesota police department threatens drunk drivers with One Direction music

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WYOMING, Minn. — A small town Minnesota police department’s tweet went viral last week after it threatened drunk drivers with One Direction music.

Just before the Thanksgiving weekend, police in Wyoming, Minn., tweeted a warning that had more than 6,500 retweets and more than 10,000 likes as of Monday afternoon.

Police used the tweet to warn drunk drivers will be caught, arrested and forced to listen to “One Direction cover bands on the way to jail.”

The response to the tweet was huge. Some wondered if it was a threat or a public service announcement.

Others said it’s not a threat because they’re immune to the music or they love One Direction (maybe not the cover bands though).

And other police departments mention the Eighth Amendment, which protects citizens from “cruel and unusual punishment.”

And others said they could do worse than One Direction cover bands.

Even though the department alerts serious issues, it also likes to have fun with its Twitter account. It had a fun back-and-forth with Denver police last week.

And it challenged a fellow police department to a snowball fight.

There was no word on if the police department arrested anyone for drunk driving.