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Volunteers pack Thanksgiving boxes for families of children involved in Tennessee bus crash

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A Tennessee community is coming together to show support for the families of the children involved in the school bus crash in Tennessee earlier this week.

6 children have died as a result of that crash.

WTVC reports that the volunteers put together boxes of food as well as boxes of games, trinkets, and stuffed animals.

The boxes were loaded into trucks and delivered to the families on Wednesday afternoon.

"A box like this is ... it can't take the pain away with what they are dealing with, but as we go forward we want the parents to know they are loved and cared about and their presence is here," said Ladarius Price, one of the volunteers.

One of the volunteers was a mother who lost her son four years ago and she says, from personal experience, these boxes will help the families.

"It is definitely a weight that is lifted off of the shoulders - especially around the holidays. It takes the mind off just a little bit, eases that pain a little bit, to take your mind off of it ... that's what it does," Tasha Baster told WTVC.