Teen loses ‘Jeopardy!’ by a single dollar, reaction goes viral

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A teen fell short of winning the $100,000 grand prize by a single dollar on the “Jeopardy! Teen Tournament” on Tuesday night and his reaction has gone viral.

Alec Fischthal was competing with two other finalists, Michael Borecki and Sharath Narayan, who all answered the Final Jeopardy question correctly.

The contestant’s totals were then added to the previous day’s total to determine the winner.

Borecki finished in third while Narayan wagered $901. Fischthal on the other hand bet his all of his money from the day, $11,600 – and doubled it to $23,200.

When combined that gave Fischthal a grand total of $39,700.

Sadly that was just one dollar short of Narayan’s grand total of $39,701. With that, the high school sophomore took home the top prize.

Fischthal’s disappointing reaction has since went viral.

Fortunately though, Fischthal did not go home empty handed. The high school junior took home $50,000, while Borecki, the third place finisher, took home $25,000.

“What a finish,” host Alex Trebek said at the end of the show. “The best one in a long, long time.”

“Jeopardy!” airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on FOX31.