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Not as funny as you think? Comedy writers come up with list of phrases to avoid

The writers behind the show ‘Workaholics‘ want to help you be funny. So they compiled a list of phrases they recommend NOT using.

“As a public service, here are the two boards from the Workaholics writer’s room of comedy phrases that need to be retired,” John Quiantance tweeted.

The second board contained some profanity, but you can click here to read the whole thing.

Some of the phrases from the second board include: “I just peed a little,” “all the feels,” “hard pass,” and “Thanks, Obama.”

The extensive lists left some people, well, at a loss for words.

Others had additional cliche phrases they’d like to see banned.

“I humbly submit ‘_____… said no one ever,” Sandy McCabe wrote.

“Could you add, ‘He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?'” Andrew Smith suggested.

“Can I add ‘Boom’ and ‘Done and done’?” Brendan Smith asked.