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Fire at Cherry Cricket restaurant ends couples’ first ‘eHarmony’ date

DENVER -- Customers were forced to evacuate the popular Cherry Cricket restaurant in Denver after a report of a fire. The establishment is on East 2nd Avenue in Cherry Creek North.

Jenn and Jarrod told us they were on their first 'eHarmony' date, enjoying some burgers when the fire happened. "We were just sitting there having some conversation, eating ... it was loud and then got quiet again. And then we were told to get out."

Jenn and Jarrod said the evacuation was so calm that they actually thought it was a large party leaving for the evening, until someone told them it was an evacuation.

It was certainly a memorable first date for them.

Denver firefighters said when they arrived they found smoke inside and smoke coming out of the roof.

Everyone got out of the restaurant safely.

Firefighters were still investigating late Wednesday night if there was actually a fire.

Cherry Cricket was already scheduled to be closed for Thanksgiving.