List of dangerous toys still available online released

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DENVER -- This is a frightening thought for parents: Many recalled toys are still available online.

The annual "Trouble in Toyland" report by the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (COPIRG) features 16 toys parents can still buy despite flaws that can cause a child’s injury or even death.

COPIRG Foundation Director Danny Katz said these are “toys that can cut you,  burn you or even suffocate you.”

COPIRG says one of the worst is the Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair, one of several out there with a zippered pouch that can suffocate small children.

Some have been redesigned but it can be difficult to discern which ones are safe when buying online.

“If you have a bean bag chair flip it over, if you don't see some strong nail, if it looks easy to open then this is a suffocation hazard,” Katz said.

Small children can easily climb into zippered compartments and suffocate or choke on stuffing in bean bag chairs.

The Aero Cruz Hovercraft has a USB cord that can overheat and cause burns and the popular Chew Beads pacifier clip can come apart, sending small pieces into an infant’s mouth.

Plastic on the Chillapish Balance Bike can break into small, hard pieces that can cut children, two have already been injured.

A growing number of toy stores utilize a tracking system so recalled toys don’t end up on the shelf. Timbuk Toys owner Sallie Kashiwa said her tracking system provides an extra level of safety for children.

Experts say that’s one advantage of shopping in brick and mortar stores rather than online.

“Parents need to be vigilant. They need to be watching what their kids are playing with,” Kashiwa said.

COPIRG advises that parents test small toy pieces by using a toilet paper roll. If the pieces can slide through, they're too small for children under age three.

You can find a full list of recalled toys online here.