Breckenridge PD suspend revealing locations of traffic stops after attacks on police

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BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — After a recent series of attacks on police, Breckenridge Police Department has announced that they will no longer be posting the location of their officers for traffic stops.

In a statement released to the public, Chief Dennis McLaughlin explains the reason behind his decision.

“While the Breckenridge Police Department continues to experience very positive support from our community, due to recent incidents where officers have been harmed during traffic stops, the Department will temporarily suspend the daily postings of our traffic locations. Our officers are aware of the dangers of policing when they accept the job, but as Chief of Police one of my highest priorities is to keep them safe so they can in turn keep the community safe and continue to improve the quality of life for residents and guests. Thanks for your understanding of this action.”

Otis Tyrone McKane

The most recent occasion attack on a police officers happened in San Antonio over the weekend.

Detective Benjamin Marconi was fatally shot at close range Sunday by Otis Tyrone McKane as Marconi wrote a traffic ticket outside of police headquarters.