Gas prices drop, record travel expected during Thanksgiving week

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DENVER -- Gas prices in Denver are down as the busy Thanksgiving travel week begins.

According to, prices have dropped 4 cents over the past week. That's 12 cents lower than a month ago, and will help people as they hit the roads during the holiday period of Wednesday to Sunday.

And the roads are expected to be crowded. AAA is projected about 49 million Americans will be hitting the highways, traveling 50 miles or more. That's a 2 percent hike over Thanksgiving last year.

In Colorado, AAA is projecting nearly 800,000 state residents will travel 50 miles or more during the holiday.

It will also be the most travelers to jump in their vehicles for Thanksgiving since 2007.

Denver International Airport said it's expecting 1.1 million travelers this week, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday expected to be the busiest day.

Tuesday could be problematic with a chance of snow in the forecast.

Officials said it could break a record Sunday as the busiest travel day ever at the airport.