DNA can reveal diet success for you

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DENVER -- Staying in shape during the holidays is a challenge for some, but a little science could be the key to finding success.

Your DNA can actually reveal the secret to which foods you can enjoy without derailing your diet.

PlainSmart of Denver  uses genotyping to design a healthy diet and exercise plan best suited for your body type.

“It can affect how you metabolize different nutrients and whether or not you intend to burn it or store fat as source of energy  ... if you’re eating for your genotype there is evidence it can prevent some diseases,” registered dietician Kassandra Gyinesi said.

Medical experts say extra pounds can set the stage for problems like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The DNA testing process at PlainSmart is simple.

The nutritionist swabs your cheek then a sample is sent to a lab.  Seven to ten days later clients receive a counseling session, meal and exercise plan and recipes.

PlainSmart also offers a broad range of nutritious food, snacks and supplements.

Schaunon Winter tried the program and lost ten pounds without any difficulty adjusting to her higher carb, lower fat meal plan. “I want to be as healthy and look as good in my clothes as I possibly can, it makes me very happy.”

For more information about DNA testing for weight loss visit PlainSmart's website or call 720-214-7949.