Worries over deportation prompt protests in Denver

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DENVER -- Eight days after Donald Trump's election, protests continue in Denver over possible immigration moves the president-elect will make once he takes office.

"I am not a statistic," Mateo Lozano said during a rally at the State Capitol on Wednesday in front of hundreds.

Lozano called for President Barack Obama to pardon any immigrants from crossing the border illegally before he leaves office.

"Millions of us -- speak in this moment -- to use your executive power to pardon us," Lozano said. "Don't be remembered as a deporter in chief."

Lozano's fear comes from the fact his brother was deported previously. Now he fears other families members are next.

"I am here to defend my family," Lozano said.

But should undocumented immigrants really be worried? The Denver and Aurora police departments have said they would not deport anyone if asked by the Trump administration.

"It's not going to happen in Colorado," Gov. John Hickenlooper said.

Hickenlooper hinted he would block any federal agents from coming in.

"Already Denver, Aurora -- two of the three largest police forces in the state -- have said we don't want anything to do with this," Hickenlooper said.

As for what the president-elect is thinking, he suggested on "60 Minutes" deporting known criminals first, then securing the border by building a wall.

Finally, he would then make a decision on what to do with other undocumented immigrants.