Anchor’s on-air doodle goes hilariously wrong

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SEATTLE -- "It was a cannon!"

It started just like any other Wednesday morning for "Q13 News This Morning" anchor Kaci Aitchison.

Aitchison joined anchors Bill Wixey and Liz Dueweke in the studio and brought Q13 News viewers the latest news, weather, traffic, entertainment and sports.

One of her favorite segments is Trending with Travis. Q13 FOX director of digital strategy Travis Mayfield was using the touch screen to show viewers about artificial intelligence.

One Google experiment is interactive and you play with a robot called Quick Draw. You have to draw a given object on the screen in less than 20 seconds.

As the clock ticks and you draw, the robot tries to guess the object. And as more people play, the robot learns to better recognize what is sketched.

Mayfield drew the first two objects successfully and Aitchison said she'd like to try.

"I'm pretty sure that's the best television I've ever been part of," Mayfield said.

"That was not win, lose or draw ... it was when losers draw," Wixey said.

People on social media seemed to enjoy the moment too.