Soldiers’ simple acts of kindness make boy’s day brighter

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Alyssa Galios shared a story on Facebook that she was in a Washington state Starbucks working away Wednesday morning like she often does. But she was about to witness something extraordinary this time.

She said the coffee shop was pretty empty except for a table with a mother and her three young children.

Galios was typing when she noticed two soldiers walk into the shop in all of their gear. The kids went silent when they saw the two men.

After placing their orders, one of the soldiers turns around -- sensing a pair of young eyes. He went over to the boy and asked him how his day was going. They have a quick chat and the soldier learns that the boy's favorite superhero is Spider-Man.

Then the soldier ripped off his velcro American flag patch and gave it to the young boy.

The other soldier then walked over and did the same -- giving the boy his American flag patch right off of his uniform.

As you can imagine, the little boy smiled wide with happiness.

Soon after, it was time for the kids to go to school. So the boys' mother thanked the two soldiers, Edgar Gonzalez and Pedro Cordoba, profusely.

And with Friday being Veterans Day, this is a perfect reminder to thank those who've served.