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Anti-Trump protesters gather in Denver, other cities

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Protesters outside state capitol in downtown Denver

Protesters outside state capitol in downtown Denver

DENVER -- Anti-Donald Trump protests started in multiple U.S. cities on Wednesday night, the same day students at several high schools and universities across the country walked out of classes.

A small group of protesters stood outside the state capitol in downtown Denver holding signs and chanting "Not my president." In Colorado Springs, a crowd marched through downtown.

The protests also took place in several cities, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Seattle, among others.

Thousands of protesters targeted Trump buildings in New York and Chicago, chanting anti-Trump slogans as protests against President-elect Trump popped up throughout the United States.

In Austin, Texas, protesters blocked a highway. Students burned a flag on the campus of American University in Washington, and they walked out of class in high schools and colleges across the country the day after the presidential election.

"Not my president, not today," was a chant heard at protests from Boston to Los Angeles.

In downtown Los Angeles, high school students crowded the steps of City Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Protester Brooklyn White was holding a sign that said "Hate won't win." The 18-year-old voted for Hillary Clinton and was disappointed.

"We can't let it stop us. If he's the president then fine, but if Donald Trump is gonna be it then he has to listen," she said.

At Berkeley High School in California, about 1,500 students walked out of classes Wednesday morning. In Des Moines, Iowa, it was hundreds of high school students who left class to protest of election results.

In Phoenix, about 200 students from Carl Hayden High School marched to the state Capitol in protest.

Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election early Wednesday morning, defeating Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

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