Free pets for vets on Veterans Day

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DENVER -- Marine Corps veteran Ken Velasquez served honorably in Vietnam from 1969 to 1972.

"We took stuff off of the cargo ships, loaded convoys and sent them up to the fire bases. I was stationed in Da Nang, at Red Beach," he said.

Like any good Marine, Velasquez knows the value of recon and intel.

That's exactly what he's doing at the Dumb Friends League. His mission: to scout for a new companion.

It's all part of the Dumb Friends League Veterans Day special.

"On Veterans Day, we are going to be waiving all fees for current, active military members as well as retired military members on every pet we have here at the shelter," said Rence Delino from the Dumb Friends League.

It was after the Iraq War that Velasquez realized the bond between soldier and his dog.

"They wouldn't leave the handler's side.  So I'm trying to get a companion to stay with me. To be my friend, my companion," he said.

After an exhaustive search which was more like a labor of love, he found a friend. His name is Duke.

"He looks like he's mild tempered. He would make a good fit in our family," Velasquez said.

Now, the Marine's next mission is to get to the Dumb Friends League Quebec Street facility on Friday morning when the doors open, and to say hello to his forever friend.