CHSAA responds to 4A football playoff discrepancy

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- The Loveland High School football team had its dreams crushed on Sunday when it learned the 4A postseason bracket was incorrect and it would not be playing.

The Colorado High School Activities Association had made a calculation error when first revealing the bracket. Several hours later, a new bracket was posted and Loveland was out.

"We worked really hard. We worked every day to get there and they took it away from us," senior football player Magnus Sobott said.

Officials from CHSAA said the mistake was a human error. They realized Loveland earned a lower ratio percentage index than initially thought because one of its opponents played a school in a smaller classification.

RPI was voted in this year for all Colorado high school sports. It's designed to rate teams based on a formula weighing heavy on strength of schedules.

"I think we all feel horrible about the kids," CHSAA assistant commissioner Bert Borgmann said.

The formula gives 25 percent on the school's winning percentage, 50 percent on the opponent's percentage and 25 percent on an opponent's opponent winning percentage.

"It’s a way to measure and way to strengthen the bracket with a team that might be stronger overall in this state," Borgmann said.

But parents are still not happy.

"They’re going lose a lot of players who actually want to challenge themselves and who want to win. Because a winning season doesn’t seem to make a difference, that's what they’re seeing," parent Lisa Teesdale said.

Borgmann said the bracket is now set in stone and the right teams are included.