Enormous spider has the internet fascinated, terrified

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QUEENSLAND, Australia — No, your eyes don’t deceive you. That really is a picture of a giant spider rescued in the land down under.

Barnyard Betty’s Rescue is an animal sanctuary in Queensland. Owners took in the creepy-crawly last year after she was found in a nearby barn.

Photo: Barnyard Betty's Rescue

Photo: Barnyard Betty’s Rescue

The operator of Barnyard Betty’s Rescue posted an explanation on Facebook along with the nearly unbelievable photos.

“Yes, she is very real and very large and not photoshopped.”

This particular spider, named Charlotte, is a huntsman spider.

It might look like the stuff nightmares are made of but they are not harmful.

“The kids came running out of the house yelling to me that there was a spider,” Betty from Barnyard Betty’s Rescue said. “Their mother wanted to kill it. I said ‘No, don’t kill; I’ll remove it!’”

While familiar with all things that creep and crawl, Betty knew that Charlotte was something special.

“She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way and like most spiders she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace,” the rescue organization explained.

“She didn’t or doesn’t need to be killed! Poor spiders are so misunderstood!”

Photo: Barnyard Betty's Rescue

Photo: Barnyard Betty’s Rescue

While her temperament may be notable, surely it’s the size of the creature that seems to have set the Internet abuzz.

“She was the size of a dinner plate,” Betty said. “So, I grabbed an old broom and gently got her to climb onto the broom head.”

Photos of Charlotte have been shared throughout the Internet and seem to be picking up more steam as the months go by.

“I’m not sure why now but she is going absolutely viral and become an internet sensation,” said Betty.

The rescue said that Charlotte has been placed in a safe space away from predators.