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Wild turkey takes up residence in Denver backyard

DENVER -- For Denver residents Dave Miller and his wife Marta, Thanksgiving is just about their favorite time of the year, "That was our holiday. That's when everybody got together," Miller said.

So, the timing of their unexpected visitor was most peculiar. "We didn't invite him.  He just showed up one day." Yet, there he is, meleagris gallopavo, aka, the turkey.

That was two weeks ago. Now they're on a first name basis. Dave, Marta and Tom. Tom the turkey.

But, does not this wild winged beast know what day is approaching? Why is he tempting fate? Does he have a death wish?

With soft, sweet and recently fallen apples on the ground, grass and plants all in one location, why would a turkey want to take off? "Moist breast with mashed potatoes and gravy," Miller said.

Well, that's one good reason.