ESPN’s Steve Young crashes broadcast dressed as Broncos Thunderstorm sky diver

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CHICAGO — ESPN “Monday Night Football” analyst and former NFL star Steve Young dressed as a Broncos Thunderstorm sky diver for Halloween on Monday night.

Young dressed as a Broncos sky diver after one of the sky divers nearly hit Young and the ESPN team while they were doing their game picks segment in Denver on Oct. 24 when the Broncos beat the Texans on “Monday Night Football.”

This week, the “Monday Night Football” team is in Chicago and all dressed up for Halloween, Young surprised his co-workers by coming in running and taking them out while they were on air.

Young played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers during his NFL career, and helped the 49ers win Super Bowl XXIX. He is also a member of the NFL Hall of Fame.