Surveillance camera captures trespasser-turned-peeper

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- With surveillance cameras growing more prevalent, they are also catching more people doing bad things, including a man trespassing at a Lakewood home.

A viewer reached out to the FOX31 Problem Solvers for help in getting video of the man out to the public.

The stranger walked into the fenced backyard near Mississippi Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard on Sunday during the Broncos game and appeared to be casing the house. He even peeped into a door and window.

“Really creepy. People peeking into your windows. It really takes your security away from your house,” said the son of the woman whose home was trespassed.

He didn’t want to be identified. He installed the video camera after a burglary at his house in January.

"I got my house broken into. I decided I need to look into something. I wanted something I could hook up that day,” he said.

So in less than an hour, he installed Arlo at his home and his mother's. It records video in 10-second clips, after the camera is tripped by motion.

He likes Arlo because it's connected to Wi-Fi, so there are no cords or wires. It also sends immediate notifications to his smartphone when motion detectors go off. And it stores video off-site.

"Immediately it goes to the cloud. So if they go in and think they can immediately steal your camera system, your DVR, there’s nothing to steal," he said.

It's similar to a camera system that caught two burglars recently breaking into the home of Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

It used to be only businesses or the wealthy could afford security camera systems. But they've gotten so affordable and easy to use, you just never know when you'll unwittingly be caught on camera.

"They are very accessible to normal consumers now," said Patrick Carpenter of Best Buy.

He’s a home security expert who said you can get into a good wireless home camera system for about $200.

"The Nest is phenomenal for indoor security. Arlo is great if you don't have a power source. It’s battery operated," Carpenter said.

He said homeowners have plenty of options, depending on what they need.

"There are some that are just for viewing," he said. "You can view your pets while you are away from home.”

While he said some cameras record video, some have alarms and others offer night vision. Most are easy to install.

"Some have magnetic mounts. All you have to do is just (industrial adhesive) to the wall, then stick it anywhere," Carpenter said.

And each one helps to get criminals off property and into jail.

"Right now, I feel pretty good because I think we can possibly do something with this guy," the Denver resident said. “The rest of us, as a community, need to stick together and watch each other’s backs.”

The man looks like he’s white or Hispanic, with dark hair, wearing a black hoodie with a yellow design on the front.