Florida officer writes himself a ticket for running red light

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HAINES CITY, Fla. — A police officer in Florida was a little surprised about who he caught on video breaking the law.

Officer Tim Glover was reviewing video from the Haines City Police Department’s red-light camera program when he saw a marked police vehicle roll through a red light, the Haines City Ledger reported.

Glover told the Ledger he knew it had to be him or one of his fellow officers so he zoomed in on the patrol car’s unit number. Sure enough, it was his own unit.

“There wasn’t any doubt when I saw it,” the Ledger quoted Glover as saying. “I had to take responsibility for it.”

So Glover did the same thing he has done to friends, relatives, ambulance drivers and other officers.

He gave himself a ticket.

Glover told the Ledger he didn’t know he had run the red light at the time. He said he was following a large box truck and “just drove on through behind the truck … instead of looking at the light.”

Glover said he paid the $158 citation but, in spite of his honesty, he was also issued a written reprimand for “not exercising good judgment when using a department vehicle on duty,” according to the Ledger.

“I wasn’t looking at the light, and that’s what causes accidents. It was just stupid,” Glover told the Ledger.