Tech Review: FooBot monitors the air you breathe

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foobot1It's no secret that the air quality in Colorado isn't the best.  There are differing opinions on how bad it is.  None the less, it's not great.  What about the air inside your home?  The air your family breathes?  Foobot is out to fix that.

The Foobot looks slick but unassuming.  It reminds me of a very tall white can of soda.  When you plug it in, LEDS light up along the side.  Setup was about as easy as it gets.  I love that Foobot instructs you to flip the bot over to start discovery mode.  It's using a motion sensor as the control!  Very smart and very easy.  In about 4-5 minutes, using the app, Foobot was connected to my Wi-Fi network.

After that, Foobot does its' thing.  It constantly monitors particulate matter, volatile compounds, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature.  When you log into the app you can check these levels broken down by weeks, days, hours or even by minutes!  It recognizes when there's a spike and works to learn what those spikes mean.

foobot_pulseWhen I tested it, even wiping the dust off a table in the same room showed up as a spike in particulate matter.  It's pretty sensitive and impressive!  The LEDS along the side glow blue if your air is good, orange if there's an issue.

So what?  Right?  What does this information mean?  Well, that's where the "smart" side kicks in.  You can connect the Foobot to your smart thermostat so if it detects an increase in pollution it can kick on the fan in your furnace to circulate the air in your home.

foobotscreen1Foobot isn't for everybody.  If you have a health issue where air quality means the difference between a good day and a bad day, this thing would be amazing.  If you already have a smart thermostat, this is a missing link that can make that thermostat work even smarter.

Foobot isn't for everyone but for those who want to know what's in the air, it's works flawlessly.

Foobot is $199.  We found it on Amazon for less.