Rescue group bringing 30 dogs from Thailand to Denver to be adopted

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DENVER — A rescue group is bringing 30 street dogs from Thailand to Denver next week.

The dogs have been living at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and will be arriving at the airport in Centennial on Wednesday.

The elephant sanctuary took in more than 250 street dogs after severe flooding in Bangkok in 2011, The Denver Post reported.

“Elephant Nature Park offers sanctuary to some of the most mistreated and most in need dogs in Thailand — the true underdogs,” Underdogs Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook. “A group of our volunteers have traveled to ENP to bring back 30 very deserving dogs, who otherwise would not have had a chance, to start their new lives in Colorado.”

The sanctuary rescues dogs from “the streets, meat trade, and planned mass poisonings,” according to the group.

Underdogs Animal Rescue will place the dogs with foster families until they are adopted.

Some of the dogs are beautiful, some are spunky and playful — but they all have big hearts.

Pictures of each dog are available online.

To foster or adopt a dog, contact