Local version of ‘Shark Tank’ gives entrepreneurs unique opportunity

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DENVER -- Once a month a group of entrepreneurs takes a shot at pitching their business ideas to a table of judges consisting of people who've built successful companies.

StartUp Denver was created two years ago by Matt Holmes. The group started with about 100 members. Today, it consists of 1,700 people.

Each month, entrepreneurs can participate in a 'Pitch Battle'. They're given five minutes to sell their idea(s) to the judges.

They're judged based on their ability to execute, how good their idea is, how investible it is, revenue and (of course) their presentation.

"It’s scary to get up there and put your baby, your heart and soul in front of an audience who doesn’t know you," said Holmes.

Some pitches have been rather successful. Holmes said one person was granted more than a million dollars for their idea.

To apply for the 'Pitch Battle', head to Holmes' website.

If you'd like a closer look at what a 'Pitch Battle' looks like, watch Kevin Torres' 'Unique 2 Colorado' Report on it.