Police to search Weld County landfill for body of missing child

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WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- Investigators were scheduled to begin to search a landfill in Weld County on Friday for a missing child from Wyoming, the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office said.

Officials said the search will not begin until Monday morning.

Police said the 13-month-old boy Silas had been missing for four days. The child was reported missing after his grandfather learned from the mother that she had not been seen the child since Saturday.

The mother's boyfriend told her he sent Silas on a fishing trip with a friend. Police now say that was a lie and that Silas is dead.

Authorities believe the boy's body was dumped in a trash bin at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne and the contents of that trash bin were taken to the landfill off Weld County Road 25 near Ault.

"Anyone knows that anybody that deals with small children how helpless they really are, so of course it pulls at the heart strings of everyone here that has to work on it," Laramie County sheriff's Capt. Linda Gesell said.

The mother and her boyfriend were brought in for questioning, the sheriff's office said. The mother and her boyfriend have not been identified. Charges have yet to be filed.