Dog waits for month on curb after evicted owners don’t return

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DETROIT -- They say dogs are loyal creatures and that's definitely true in Boo's case.

The dog waited around his Detroit home for a month after his owners got evicted. They never came home.

But fortunately for Boo, someone eventually came to his rescue.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking for him," said Mike Diesel with Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue. "It's heartbreaking for anybody that sees it."

Laying down alone outside on a mattress next to a pile of trash, Boo waited for his family to return.

He lived that way for about a month after neighbors said he was left behind when his owners were evicted from their northwest Detroit home.

"They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn't Boo," Diesel said.

Neighbors fed Boo and tried to get the word out on social media, hoping someone would come to his rescue.


(Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

Diesel took a heartbreaking photo of Boo laying on a discarded mattress next to a curb. He spent more than 15 hours trying to gain Boo's trust.

"Getting to know my voice. Getting him to know that I wouldn't hurt him. Getting him to know he can trust humans again."

Diesel brought the pit bull mix to Groesbeck Animal Hospital and gave him the name based on markings on his left side.

"It appears to say 'Boo.' There is a 'B.' There is an 'O.' And there is another 'O,'" Diesel said.

"He is wonderful," veterinary technician Laura Owens said. "You would think that he would be scared and fearful of people, but he is not. He came in here wagging his tail."

Boo is heart worm positive but overall, his health looks great.

"Dogs are the most loyal," Diesel said. "If we can get humans to be anywhere close to that level of compassion, then we would have a much better world."

Boo will be under veterinary care for the next month. After that, the organization hopes it will find a foster home for him.