Mike Pence makes campaign stop in Colorado

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, the Republican Party is trying to gather last-minute votes in Colorado.

Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence headlined a rally at the Colorado Springs Events Center on Wednesday night. The stop came after two other events in Reno, Nev., and Salt Lake City that happened earlier in the day.

He addressed a crowd of a few hundred people, focusing mainly on national security, the economy and health care. Pence promised under a Donald Trump presidency that the military will be expanded, taxes will be cut and the Affordable Healthcare Act will be repealed.

“When Donald Trump becomes president, we will rebuild the military,” Pence told the crowd, “and destroy ISIS at its source.”

While Trump has been very vocal during election season, some supporters say they need to hear more from Pence. So, they lined up a few hours early to ensure a good seat inside the event.

“This is my first time I’ve heard Mike Pence speak and I really wanted to hear more what he has to say,” Tracy Kime saod/

This is the second time Pence has visited Colorado Springs in the past few weeks. The Republican ticket is focusing a lot of attention on Colorado ahead of the election because this is a swing state and there still might be a lot of undecided voters up for grabs.

Trump’s son Eric will be in Colorado for events on Thursday.

At this time, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have scheduled campaign stops in Colorado ahead of Election Day.