MetLife drops Snoopy and the Peanuts gang

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NEW YORK — You blockhead!

MetLife will no longer be using Snoopy, Charlie Brown or any other members of the Peanuts gang in its ad campaigns.

The insurance giant said Thursday it was ditching the beloved Charles Schulz characters in favor of a new image that the company claims will reflect “a clean, modern aesthetic.”

So instead of a giant blimp featuring Snoopy in his World War I pilot gear, MetLife said that it will have an M in blue and green colors.

MetLife has always had blue as one of the main colors in its logo. The green apparently “represents life, renewal and energy.” Uhh. Okay.

The marketing shift comes as MetLife prepares to spin off a chunk of its consumer life insurance business to shareholders as a new company called Brighthouse Financial. The “old” MetLife will focus more on group life insurance and international operations.

Esther Lee, global chief marketing officer of MetLife, said the decision to dump (dare I say, fire) Snoopy reflects this shift.