Rosenberg’s reopens to customers anxious for their bagel fix

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DENVER -- After five months, one of Denver's most beloved delicatessens finally rose from the ashes Sunday.

Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen in Five Points had them lined up out the door Sunday after a devastating fire forced the business to close in May.

Besides their variety of in-house smoked fish and traditional Jewish recipes, bagels are the star of the show.

“I would probably wait in line longer for this bagel than the new iPhone,” Topher Klaus said after waiting an hour to get inside. "I'm real critical and this is like a New York bagel. This is a real quality bagel the outside is crispy the inside is soft and fabulous.”

The popular restaurant fell victim to an arsonist, who police said had killed a man living  above the bagel shop near East 26th Avenue and Welton Street on May 2.

Rosenberg's was then facing an uncertain future, when the owner decided to rebuild at the same location. They finally opened their doors again in the tradition of old New York delis.

"Their bagels are the best no one else compares,” Catherine Frank said while waiting outside with her kids.

"We separately have heard about this place,” Sophie Wolfe said. "And we're waiting to get inside even though we've never had it.”

“And we're excited about it,” said friend Abby Cohen, who just moved to Denver from Boston, “We got a free sample and it tasted really good.”

"They're excited they're happy they're hungry,” said waitress Tiffany Flynn carrying a tray of food.

"I've missed bagels because there aren't very good bagels in Denver,” said Paul Miles, who moved to Denver from New York a year ago.

"A lot of people have been waiting a long time to get back in here get their bagel fix,” said owner Joshua Pollack as he stood in the kitchen, “So we're just really excited to see all these smiling faces.”

Pollack said if there's one silver lining in this terrible event he's been able to give back to the community with charity fund raisers, retool some of his menu and continue plans for expansion.

"A lot of time on the computer with my chefs kind of redoing recipes so I think they're very excited to be back in the kitchen where they really do what they do best,” he said.