Denver teen’s skateboard mistaken as donation at thrift shop, sold to another customer

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DENVER-- A teenager's skateboard was mistaken for a donation at the Arc Thrift Store store on Cortez Street in Denver. The 17-year-old was shopping inside the store when it was taken.

The skateboard was priced and sold within 30 minutes. The family contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers hoping to get this situation resolved.

The teen, Marcus Rodriquez, saved up his own money for weeks to buy a brand new skateboard.

He typically visits the Arc Thrift Store after school to browse. He knows to leave his skateboard outside.

"So I rode over there, put my board in the same spot as always, walked around and went to the front and then I didn’t see it there," Rodriguez said.

Store employees told him the skateboard was mistaken for a donation and was priced and sold to another customer.

"I was pretty disappointed , I just had bought it," Rodriguez said.

His mother called the store to get answers.

"Pretty much told me the same thing he told my son. The skateboard was taken to the back, priced and sold, told me I could call back and try to talk to someone else, but as of then there was nothing he could do about it," Rodriguez said.

That's when she called the Problem Solvers. A store manager was unable to comment.

A spokesman from the company reached out not long after, explaining it had always planned on reimbursing the family for the skateboard and making it right.

A store manager called the family on Saturday telling them they will reimburse them $160. Marcus bought a new skateboard right after.