Ballots go out Monday; ballot drop-offs open in some counties

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DENVER -- Voting across Colorado will begin in the next week with ballot drop-off boxes followed by polling places opening Oct. 24.

Election Day on Nov. 8 is the last day Colorado residents can vote. Polling places in counties and cities across the state will allow two weeks of in-person voting.

Some counties are still preparing. Boulder County held an open hire event Saturday at the county elections office.

"This is an open presidential election," election coordinator Justine Vigil-Tapia said. "And so, for this one we were hiring about 500 people."

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The county filled the 50 remaining positions and is looking forward to what it calls a historic year.

"This will be the largest election, at least for Boulder County," Vigil-Tapia said.

For the election, 24-hour ballot boxes will open in some counties, including Boulder, on Monday. Registered voters can fill out their mailed ballot and drop it off early.

In Colorado, there is no registration deadline; voters can register up until Election Day.

Rules and polling place times can vary by county.