“Love Tooth” exhibit explores art of ‘wisdom teeth’

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DENVER -- You know what can be a pain? 'Wisdom teeth'.  That's why most people eventually get them removed.

"Wisdom teeth" get their nickname because they generally appear later in life (typically when a person is in their early to mid-twenties). Along the way someone linked age to maturity and maturity to growing wiser.

While Americans call them 'wisdom teeth', other cultures refer to them as something else. For instance, in South Korea, a 'wisdom tooth' is called a 'love tooth'.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Love can be painful and you also learn more about love the older you get.

It's the inspiration behind a new art exhibit at the Platte Forum, simply called the 'Love Tooth'. It was created by resident artist Heejin Jang.

"Cause [when] you’re loving someone, you’re gaining a lot of happiness, but at the same time you could have a lot of pain and troubles," explained Jang.

Jang discussed the exhibit a lot more in depth with Channel 2's Kevin Torres for this edition of 'Unique 2 Colorado'. Watch Kevin's Report to learn more about the 'Love Tooth'.

To visit the exhibit, swing by Platte Forum. It's open Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm or by appointment.