Colorado infant can hear again after receiving new implant

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AURORA, Colo. -- Any trip to the hospital brings anxiety, But Tuesday’s visit to University of Colorado Hospital was especially nerve-wracking for Eric and Jami Fries of Firestone.

During this visit, their 1-year-old son was set to have his hearing restored. A few months ago, little Nathan lost all of his hearing.

“It was a hard day, for sure. We didn't expect to come in to an appointment saying our son's hearing was completely gone,” Jami Fries said.

Immediately, mom and dad took the challenge head on, looked for options, and wound up at UCHealth, where just a few weeks ago, Nathan had a cochlear implant surgically installed.

It's a newer, thinner implant than those used in the past on other patients. And it’s the perfect size for an infant.

Surrounded by audiologists, Tuesday’s first task was to get the settings just right, before they turned on the microphone to allow little Nathan to hear again.

But the true test came down the hall, when the moment mom and dad have waited and worried over finally happened.

The sound of his parents voices.  Something completely unfamiliar to Nathan. And it was music to the ears of Jami and Eric Fries.

“It's something you always want to hear, you know, kids reactions to your voices,” Jami Fries said. “It's a wonderful feeling. This is amazing to be able to see."