Athletes respond to Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ apology

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DENVER -- Donald Trump is using the phrase “locker room talk” to apologize for his language and actions in a leaked recording of his lewd conversation with Billy Bush.

“It was locker room talk, I’m not proud of it,” Trump said at Sunday’s presidential debate.

Professional athletes from all sports are weighing in on a subject that hit close to home.

“You have to be professional with what you do. Locker room talk -- OK, yeah it exists, but you’re running for president and there’s a lot of things you shouldn’t be saying," Broncos linebacker Dakoda Watson said Tuesday.

Many of the athletes were offended because they said it is an unfair stereotype.

"I thought it was an unfair characterization of what goes on in our locker room and it was ignorant," Cleveland Cavaliers player Dahntay Jones said.

Some of Trump's top supporters defend his interpretation of locker room talk.

"That kind of banter goes around all the time. Is it the right thing to do? Absolutely not," former presidential candidate Ben Carson said.

Metro State University of Denver athletics director Anthony Grant said there's a certain line that isn't crossed when it comes to locker room talk and it is a discussion the school has with its sutdents.

"One -- to not engage in that type of conversation, but also when you're hearing it to step in and say that's not how we operate in here," Grant said.

Grant also said that if he were made aware of a student athlete saying what was heard in the leaked video, that player would certainly be disciplined.