Colorado group helping Haiti rebuild after hurricane

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LOUISVILLE, Colo. – A Colorado nonprofit dedicated to rebuilding rural Haiti is asking for some emergency donations following Hurricane Matthew.

The Colorado Haiti Project has been doing work in Petit-Trou-de-Nippes for almost 30 years. The group focuses on long term rebuilding projects like education, agriculture, livelihood and clean water.

CHP has one dedicated project manager living in Haiti full-time. The Louisville based organization sends several groups throughout the year to do aid work.

They built a school that serves nearly 400 Haitian children. The school suffered major damage in the storm.

“When you look inside any room everything is just thrown all over the place,” explained CHP’s Teresa Henry. “Now they have no books and everything in the classrooms is gone.”

Her co-worker who is in Haiti right now says about half of the community’s homes are gone. She also says almost all of the crops have been leveled and most of the livestock has perished.

“They don’t have bank accounts. In Haiti, you consider your bank your goats and cows. That is your income,” Henry said. “All their crops have been lost. All of it. They have nothing for their livelihood.”

She worries if they can’t help Haitians rebuild fast enough, the region will eventually starve.

“We’re concerned about making sure they eat enough through the winter so getting the crops back in the ground is huge,” she said.

CHP is doing several emergency fundraisers to help their Haitian community rebuild and replant. You can visit their website to donate and find more information about local fundraising opportunities.

The money will go directly to the small rural communities where Coloradan are helping rebuild by hand. Their project manager in Haiti will return to Colorado later this week and CHP will decide within the next two weeks a rebuild plan-of-action for the next 12 months.

The group believes donating to them is a good way for Coloradans to see exactly where their money is going and how it is being used.

“You can be like one degree away from where you make your donation,” Henry said.