Colorado company takes care of man whose doors were stolen from his Jeep

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DENVER -- Just as the cooler weather hit, a Denver man had the doors stolen off of his jeep.

When a  Colorado company stepped in to help him they ended up restoring more than just the doors.

Conrad Belknap couldn't believe it when he saw surveillance video showing a man stealing his jeep doors. It was a $1,600 loss.

“I was even more bummed when we watched the video and I found out it was another Jeeper that took it because usually Jeepers stand by each other and help each other out no matter what. I guess that code is changing.”

When Belknap reached out to the FOX31 Problem Solvers he soon discovered  that code is still standing strong.

The team at the Bestop company in Louisville made sure of that.

CEO John Larson donated new doors and even a new top so Belknap could get back on the road. “One of our employees watching Problem Solvers said ‘you know what,  here's someone, a Jeeper who really didn't deserve what happened to him,'" Larson said. "We've been part of this community for 60 years. Jeep is in our blood.”

Larson also said he felt it was just “the right thing to do.”

Belknap said Bestop has restored his faith in Jeepers and is grateful that he will indeed be able to stay warm on the road during the upcoming winter season.