Comcast to expand data caps to Colorado in November

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DENVER — Comcast is bringing data caps on home internet services to Colorado beginning November 1, the company announced on Friday.

The program is called the “Xfinity Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan.” The cap restricts the amount of data you consume in your home to 1TB per month regardless of the speed of your plan.

Comcast claims that 99 percent of its customers use less than 1TB a month, however the company will offer an unlimited option for $50 more per month.

The company says that if you get close to the limit, it won’t shut you off. Instead, they will automatically add 50GB to your plan at $10 and will continue to charge you $10 in 50GB intervals up to $200 a month.

Comcast says they will notify customers when they get close to the limit starting at the 50 percent point. The company also says customers get two grace months every year. This means you won’t be charged unless you exceed the cap a third time in a 12-month period.

LINK: Xfinity data cap FAQ

Comcast launched the data cap plan in 16 states in April. The November 1 expansion includes 18 additional states, including Colorado.