Water trouble: Erie man billed for using 50,000 gallons in August

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ERIE, Colo. -- An Erie man gets an outlandish water bill  and now says he'll be drowning in debt if his landlord doesn't take action.

FOX31 Problem Solver Shaul Turner stepped in to help find a solution before he ran out of time, and water.

Michael Rios said he received a water bill for close to $600 for apparently using more than 50,000 gallons of water in August alone.

Rios said that’s ridiculous. “Even if I was letting it drip to some sort of extent that's not 50,000 gallons.”

Rios explained that his landlord, Waypoint Homes, did send someone to check out a possible leak, but he was panicking about how long it was taking to get the bill settled.

“They're going to shut off my water if I don't pay that bill,” he said.

Rios complained that he couldn’t get answers from the company and Waypoint Homes said they constantly reached out to Rios after learning of the situation.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers stepped in and received this response from corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“At Waypoint Homes, our goal is to always provide an exceptional living experience for our residents. The water leak in question was repaired as quickly as possible and it is our understanding that the water company has provided a credit to the resident for the overage. We are working to provide the resident with additional information on the timing of the leakage in order for him to secure additional credit from the water company, if possible.”