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Sedalia residents concerned over Hells Angels moving in

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Sedalia, Colorado.  Described affectionately by residents as the land that time forgot.  Mom and pop shops, horse and buggy-sized lots with folks who love to live here.

But there is a newly built structure in town that has the neighbors worried.

Not so much because of aesthetics but because of who they believe owns it. "We had heard that it is the Hells Angels and it's going to be their clubhouse," said one resident who wished to remain anonymous.

The motorcycle enthusiasts known as the Hells Angels are not a business or any one individual. They don't purchase property.  But an LLC can, like Rocky Mountain Red and White LLC in Longmont.

It is the organization that bought the property in question. According to business owners who do not want to be known, the connection between Hells Angels and Rocky Mountain Red and White LLC is on Facebook.

Local residents said when you look at the structure, it does not look like a house. It's made of industrial steel, two-and-a-half stories tall and it has a large opening right in the middle of the front side. But according to Douglas County records, it is indeed considered a house.

Douglas County buildings official Korby Lintz said the owner has satisfied all of the building requirements for a residential structure. We were also told that the county is aware of this building and is monitoring the situation.

So, right now we have residents who fear for their safety and property, a county that says the barn-like steel and cement structure is a house, and the sheriff's office watching it for reasons unknown.