Outrage after dolphins are shipped in crates from Hawaii to Arizona

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (CNN) — Animal activists are angry after three live dolphins were put in containers and shipped from Honolulu to Arizona.

A cell phone video shows workers and the dolphins’ containers at a cargo warehouse.

Alexis Thomas and other members of Animal Right Hawaii went to the FedEx warehouse and claimed to see stretchers that are often used to transport dolphins,

“I approached Dolphin Quest while they were doing the transfer and I asked if they had a permit to be transferring the animals because in the past there have been issues with that,” said Thomas.

“The Dolphin Quest trainers were consoling the animal, who seemed to be in obvious distress, likely from the confinement of the box that it was in. Of course all of the noises that were happening, the fear of the unknown,” she continued.

Michelle Campbell with Dolphin Quest defended the actions of the company, noting “They’re very experienced in doing such a move. We’ve done this before with them in the past, and have really appreciated the collaboration.”

The dolphins arrived safely in Phoenix at a new aquarium near Scottsdale.