I-70 viaduct transformed by local artists

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DENVER -- It's a section of road that's more infamous than famous.  Crime, graffiti, and well, gunk.  Lots of gunk.

That, hopefully, is about to change.

All that is needed are some creative minds and a little paint. Make that a lot of paint. "We're going to revitalize this area. We're gonna get it so the community and everybody can feel safe." said Kristin Cardenas, Denver Arts and Skill Center Executive Director.

The week-long face lift is called "duct-work."  Painting almost 60 huge concrete panels on East 46th Avenue between Brighton Boulevard and York Street, "We're hoping to decrease the trash and increase the traffic in this area," said Cardenas.

The Denver Urban Arts Fund, a nonprofit, has contracted 20 local artists to create a sort of permanent art gallery on the viaduct. To add color and life to what is a dull, dark and sometimes dangerous place.

None of this could have happened without the artists, like Chris Haven of Denver, who is responsible for two of the 60 panels. "I think they need some beautification down here."

The hope is with the beautification on the viaduct, it may someday become a destination location.