DPD’s new state-of-the-art training tool could help save lives

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DENVER -- With police departments nationwide under intense scrutiny for shootings involving unarmed suspects, the Denver police department announced it has a new state-of-the-art tool to enhance officer training.

It's called the VirTra v-300.

It puts officers in a 300-degree environment making training for scenarios much more real life.

DPD says it is the first large department in the country to get this expensive training tool and everyone in the department hopes it better prepares officers on the street.

“The more that we can expose them to those situations in a simulated environment, the better prepared they are when it does happen and unfortunately the reality we are in, it does happen,” said DPD Commander Rick Kyle.

The virtual training tool cost nearly $300,000.

The Denver Police Foundation and Wells Fargo paid for it.

DPD says it will also be available to other regional law enforcement agencies for training.