Developer in Boulder pays $60,000 to relocate prairie dog colony

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BOULDER, Colo. — A colony of prairie dogs living on private property in north Boulder will be moved to city open space over the next few weeks.

“About 80 to 120 prairie dogs from the Armory property at 4750 North Broadway are expected to be relocated to city open space east of Cherryvale Road and north of Marshall Drive,” officials stated in a news release.

“Recognizing the community’s desire to protect the prairie dog colony… [the City] reached an agreement with the Armory property owner to relocate the colony to city open space so that he can develop his land on Broadway,” officials stated. “As part of the agreement, the city and the property owner negotiated a $60,000 fee.”

The Armory prairie dog colony will be relocated between Saturday, Oct. 1, and Tuesday, Nov. 1.

“Live traps will be set out at the site and pre-baited for a period of no less than four days,” officials stated. “Once trapping begins, the relocator expects to have an experienced wildlife biologist frequently onsite to monitor prairie dog activity on the trap site, and expects to release non-target wildlife and collect trapped prairie dogs approximately every two hours during daylight hours.

“Once collected, traps containing prairie dogs will be covered and moved to a protected area to await transport to the release site,” officials said.

The prairie dogs will be sprayed with insecticidal spray and checked for injury or illness, then transported to the receiving site in a covered vehicle and released, according to officials.

The open space east of Cherryvale Road and north of Marshall Drive will be closed to the public from Oct. 1 to Thursday, Dec. 15, while the relocation is underway and to “help the prairie dogs adjust to their new home.”

You can read more about the city’s relocation plan here.