60 year-old woman gives birth to twins

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A sixty-year-old woman is doing well and resting after giving birth to twin baby boys.

The twins are also healthy and happy.

Claudette Cook, the boys’ mother, said her twins were born a month before their due date.

Doctors say that Cook beat all the odds.

“I cried. I was like, you know, you look at TV and you see other people in the delivery room and you’re like, oh my goodness. And, it was me…so, joy, it was so sweet. Everything change in just that moment. I mean, once they’re born, your life changes.”

The twins were born weighing five pounds after a C-section birth.

Claudette met her husband, and father of her children, ten years ago in church. Cook was told repeatedly that she would never have children due to her age.

‘Age is not a number with God. Plus, I was healthy and in shape. And I was like God I know I can do this. I know I can. No matter how hard it was, He brought me through it all, so, awesome God.’ Cook said.

It will be a couple of weeks before the couple will be given the ok to take their boys home.