Legacy High School coach returns to the job after deadly school bus crash

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- The football coach at Legacy High School is out of the hospital and back on the field after a deadly school bus crash on Sept. 11.

Wayne Voorhees was sitting in the front of the bus where people received more serious injuries and was knocked unconscious. Voorhees said he still has more recovery to go, but he felt well enough to coach football practice on Wednesday.

“[The football players] were pretty excited to see me, which was a good thing -- and I was just as excited to see them,” Voorhees said.

Voorhees has been coaching at Legacy for 14 years. He also teaches physical education. He suffered three facial fractures and a concussion during the crash.

“First day was a little bit rough, but I’m getting better every day,” Voorhees said.

Voorhees was in the hospital for three days after the bus unexpectedly veered toward a ramp support pillar at Denver International Airport.

The bus driver, Kari Chopper, was killed in the crash and 18 others -- 15 players and three coaches -- aboard were injured.

“Honestly, I remember getting on a bus and I remember waking up in a hospital bed,” Voorhees said.

One coach, Matt Kroupa, is still hospitalized, but Voorhees said he is improving every day.