Frozen onion ring recall involves Kroger brand product

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Frozen Breaded Minced Onion Rings

Frozen Breaded Minced Onion Rings

CINCINNATI — McCain Foods USA is expanding a frozen onion ring recall. The company said some of the packaging doesn’t list milk as one of the ingredients.

The frozen onion rings were sold and distributed under private labels.

McCain Foods USA said the expanded recall includes Kroger Brand, 20-ounce bags of Frozen Breaded Minced Onion Rings with a production date after March 9, 2015 and before July 24, 2015.

The expanded recall also includes Fareway Brand 20-ounce Frozen Breaded Onion rings with a production date after March 9, 2015 and before June 5, 2015.

McCain Foods USA announced the initial recall on Sept. 23.  The Food and Drug Administration has a full list of the recalled products on its website.